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    Febreze and Rumyana

    Dance With Me


    Yeaa lol yep
    I’m back with a beer in hand
    come dance with me
     ??? production biatches
    (Come dance with me)
    Come Dancing

    Give to light here,
    go to beat again
    bass sounds to North Korea until
    what you pray, I did nothing to sing
    wonder what rhymes on you to pour
    microphone FANAL with another dose of alcohol
    wade roller, causing headache
    extend to you, you bastard, verbal attacks
    you do not like me, but with me cool khaki

    as you said, let’s hear it, can not
    you were here for you, come on go your
    decelerated for some Female club see me again in microphone call
    ‘girls quo becomes, do you want zhilibona’ (zhilibona)
    again seek me two female students
    cry ‘quo’, they call me ‘do you have white bands’ many
    was my shout chorus, okay
    come on all you want Ratzel above

    [chorus x2]
    want to do it sweet to do
    the dance floor with you, I dance with you

    And what ‘to tell you, I dance every day
    every day I’m dazzled by the sound of painera me
    again unhook t ying, break beat, speakers
    this cool sound not only withstand
    recorders come with me baby on the dance floor to break
    know you, love each other can find
    you’re not just pretty, you’re very sweet
    wait to drink, hey lands her a sip
    I come to you, you look at me shyly
    know dear, this is so beautiful
    Take my hand, you look at me clench my shame
    after two hours in the backseat Pisco
    so beautiful was so nice
    pushed me on the bed, lay down on the back
    this evening dance with you, but not on the dance floor
    before my eyes went sweet ass I see bounce-Inga

    [chorus x2]
    want to do it sweet to do
    on the dance floor with you, I dance with you