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    Fiki and Galin



    was love was true love
    My dear to you I’m ready
    Enough why are you so evil
    who jumped his
    God forgive but in my heart is just
    it forever
    Soul just you left me no
    this error grasp
    Boom go with noise
    Here’s my wife
    Blocked am and iron
    Jalal Jalal it ends with s my song

    Boy without a heart and without soul
    always wrong in love
    Between you and me
    who grasp grasp
    just a minute hug me
    stay with me
    I’m changing your address
    Cause your a princess dress
    you drop will not say
    like you’re on the beach
    a number’m for you
    nonsense always time
    steam if caught with me will stay right
    these are all women
    Devil’s Anelia, they burned the whole
    Let it be a secret that
    only in my and your head
    going to hold you
    me forward