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    Galena and Ustata

    Passion Crystals


    You want me, you do not know you tell?
    stretch your hands you will want more. And over the years
    season of watermelons,
    will be every day, you try me.

    start, but on purpose to see me,
    else is in season watermelons.
    Thin thong filled cups,
    important extras Cinderella.
    grieves me and get me me stroking,
    Galena me stroking, via me lit.
    Nema desires before offs,
    only desires crystals.

    As a sea breeze caress, passions crystals do
    Crank light, come.
    will always be in heaven today, and tomorrow, until the end,
    and from my lips will drink you love.

    Beautiful memories of me will have you,
    not believe you, come drink me whole. And over the years
    season of watermelons,
    will be any day, you try me.

    Well, tell me le white cloud,
    have you seen such a body? Ah!
    such a woman and goes hoe,
    march on the beach, not the reeds.
    anise Do you picked hormone, or
    himself pressed the button?
    from the party you are your scratches,
    or the season of watermelons?

    Chorus: (x3)