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    112 Center Emergency!
    I listen to you?
    112! Inside combustible.

    As more and knife slice them, all bands tear,
    enter and notch Nha quo to lie.

    (sho, sho, sho!)

    As praish shark?
    with an IQ of zero.
    Something I seem to have Nadu,
    want the material, and it does not cost anything.

    112 inside combustible,
    viva da loca, they dashes current.
    ball high commodity cruel,
    makes us vskichki to burn.
    it needs billions of leopards,
    bank accounts, credit cards.
    Today we spend all wages, all of
    sent, shake it, shake.

    CLA! (x3)
    he shakes it, shakes! Let
    spent all pay!

    Sorry, trailing,
    not my intereska to repeat.
    you’re a cat oneya seeds death picking them,
    silicones you nyaa to persons warm.
    For Homies stable staam,
    with you super many nerves going crazy.
    cry, run ve, I escape
    and nothing more hope.


    So I’m better when I wake up and see that you they will, of
    varyam phone and see that you blocked me right plan.
    No more questions like “Who are you? Where are you? And what will you do? “
    I like being free and just hope you forget me.

    Sorry, but your brother is gone,
    something very quickly consider great.
    will not give, give, without bam, bam,
    all down at my feet and stand there.


    CLA! (x3)
    he shakes it, shakes! Let
    spent all pay!