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    Galin and Azis



    Chorus: (x2)
    cheats, cheat cheat them all, in our hearts scars do,
    treading, treading without them you wait, want, want me to catch me.

    You straight crushed them, one and all so punished,
    straight spraying, but the sight of myself letting go.
    games you play, like you know you have anyone you want, play games
    just do not know how they will omotaesh.

    Since I can remember, no give and you take,
    of all boys hearts broken, his bad, very bad his.
    will perform and will give everything,
    ‘ll regret that I engage, understand, you understand me.

    Chorus: (x2)

    But I’m here again I will be such as you how much I squirm, even
    with you to leave, this movie long since I’ve played.
    wants to fly in the sky, someone should they return to Earth,
    Come meet with this gentleman: “nice to meet you, my name is Galin!”

    I pour poison, then “goodbye”
    me sing in my back knife crashed heart will bleed . (x2)

    P ripev: (x2)

    cheats cheat them all cheat,
    treading, treading without them tarry.
    cheats cheat them all cheat,
    treading, treading without to tarry, want, you want me to catch me.