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    Galin and Preslava

    King Coupon


    Yes but no!
    Abe tonight what anybody would do?
    I think very hard to do.
    Well Come on, do it, do
    and forget everything.

    Wow, Mother, you’re so
    brutal ideal immoral.
    my back do you clawing
    Your dad to be my bad.

    It is not clear what ‘about me
    will hear: “Do not bother me in feng shui.”
    All clothes should fall out on the ground like oil
    raise your price.

    I’ll be your doctor rum,
    will udyarm with my tone.
    ‘ll drink like juice,
    will look at me as God.

    Ideal cruel,
    always ready for you.
    my personal doctor - yes, I did.

    Mr. drunk does not dance alone,
    Coco Jambo is great.
    Mr. DJ music pour,
    that to me live.

    I will be a beast - the party king,
    Coco Jambo is great.
    Mr. DJ music pour,
    I said I live.

    King of the party, the party - to, get out
    know where I’ll get to.
    king of the party, the party - not!

    tonight but I am very honed,
    life juicy and vicious.
    pockets full of dough and candy,
    tonight a coupon for pharaoh.

    This Club closes as we say,
    but there is still much to sit.
    My dear former does not ring in vain,
    not that I became a vegan, but avoid greasy.

    Each night’m fun,
    my pleasure does not include you.
    Come on, goodbye, close your,
    life that give me a call.

    Wha wants me to do
    to try calling me.
    loves me - yes, yes, yes, yes.


    Hey, so the night ended for me fat,
    where we’ll end up just not clear yet?
    how old are very important for me?
    you drugged her?

    Here I go - everyone looks at me,
    hyenas tanned to take.
    It’s very cool, everyone has bid
    make me a tralalala.

    rotate, rotate, what anybody did - detached,
    give to mom, give to Dad, I’ll be your brother. do not
    sleep, to broym again and again not to sleep,
    I’m not your king and your life choose.

    and for all forget,
    king of the party, the party - to . (x2)

    I to cashout-on.