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    Galin, Ani Hoang and Kristiana

    Between Us


    Entering the game, can you three?
    You can not scary you go!
    You want MAY do what?
    will not be easy, here and now! There
    willing and will find a way!
    One, two and drink? We’ll take!
    You still do your your games,
    will not be easy to both find out!

    Yes, too many people there! How
    not that we know many three?
    Here, I think the film more will be?
    Let me going - memory remains!

    Does rolled? Others you will have?
    No, just ask - well we have three!
    you’re talking about naughty things,
    time I have no problems now!
    Time it is our only tonight!
    Let’s go! Tired of you already?
    rights are a very important, you
    we’re both important - find out!

    I have memories of today with full evaluation 6! Not
    is not too bad, I personally write him two!
    you kidding baby,
    think repeating maybe?