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    The Steam If Caught


    Until yesterday I did not have cracked lev me,
    wandered the streets and watched stocked.
    Bitrini people - cool steam and dreamed to have a car!
    But not so! I walk away!
    and grow a lottery to win immediately.
    And with this lottery ticket will guide in Paris
    To me will stand and the money will count!

    Chorus: Millions
    me fall and I can catch them.
    Bugatti, Maserati, let me - I take them immediately!
    no, no, no sofa, but with Galena Havana.
    In my jacuzzi steam if your catch!
    Millions me fall and I can catch them
    swimwear and fireplace - ski ride all winter.
    Jewelry and security dough with bales ceiling.
    in my jacuzzi its steam if caught.
    yesterday mega poor - no other only me,
    not even celebrated the birthday of day.
    who will say that I am super crazy, but something
    dream - my life is:
    Bali’s shore in Dubai’re on top,
    then we Borovets with wine in hand.
    fly to Milan, and is just beginning,
    bed is big and not get up early now!
    Chorus: x1

    Ho, now I do not kill you high
    you’re too low for profound.
    Million to me falls and casino,
    will pop - will bring us favorite.
    You will be champagne, I’ll be in Bansko,
    Kardashian guest brings us Dutch. Then
    jets will drive you see a shark suggest …
    money … And no, it will make a better!

    Chorus: x1