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    Change Your Address


    You look at me, and with him I
    and they look embarrassed. I wish
    still prohibited,
    will ever stop asking? How
    in this moment you
    just take me?
    no, no, no way, that his
    her know!

    my best friend -
    yes, I’m a traitor!
    you made me feel that guilt.
    Yes, clothes on the ground,
    then change places -
    not to him but to me to morning!

    secrecy can not,
    but you do it for God!
    past alive
    fire … hey TBA already very well it can !
    in this dirty game
    how to be clean now?
    How to recognize it -
    wife is now my!

    But besides bottle two -
    not see anything, at least.
    wrong and feel good!
    Tomorrow will think just not now!
    First will take, will my right .
    no no, no, no - I hear only voices!
    we can not give up!

    Yes, to come and they gripe,
    long glances sends me!
    I am here and will stay until morning.
    and then dis -Two anything like it.
    Yes, to change your address!
    Coming - will stay with me until the morning!

    Good thing it was just in my head!