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    Still Ahead


    Good night, but the light I will it, as
    me’ll find in the morning.
    I’ll tell you that today you’ll like it,
    but tomorrow you forget my address!
    how much of your life took me, how many times
    only dramas and problems?
    Give tab I have something to tell you:
    “Honey, get up and collect your luggage!”

    Go here ever forward, ever forward,
    with a broad smile I wish you luck!
    Get up and go ever forward, ever forward
    my phone for you will be busy, yet busy!

    Go here ever forward, ever forward,
    with Homies champagne will open in your part!
    Go ahead, do not wait for ever forward, ever forward,
    see the direction is correct - I wish you luck!

    The good thing with you over here already,
    would lie if I say that I care!
    Being kind to you - do not think suits me?
    guess is supposedly his smart and beautiful …
    and for me already probably heard,
    I like to start again from zero!
    tab Give baby something to say:
    “In front of my door collected your luggage!”

    I do not know who zala gvam, I want again to you back!
    Do they wait’ll stay, you do not seem to grasp the joke?
    Being with you was like to live in Hell
    and that you left I came as a reward!
    and since you’re gone, I live somewhat lightly,
    no one to scold me, I speak and soft.
    bottles will open and cheers deal,
    explanations give you calling no answer!
    Do not apologize or feel sorry?
    But I shut you - how many times to repeat?