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    How many times I rush at you, I
    on you and in you has to pledge, but ice as ice
    Look at me - I breathe for you and burn, burn it
    This dress today you will wear!

    How lightly and gently, slowly and confuse my mind now you
    how fragile and peaceful, and tender will be for thee in the night
    promised me that today will mine, but where you are, where you are now
    not feel your breath on me to crawl and hurt by loneliness

    I am yours when you touch me
    thaw each my thought
    I am yours to madness and pain
    Yes, yes, and your love!
    I am yours when you kiss me
    stop at my heart fingers
    I am yours and intact, and parts
    Yes, yes, and your love!

    I want, I want my thoughts with you to share
    in your eyes deeply sunk here now
    your words soft words me immersed in the passion
    But again, I’m alone again …