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    Geri-Nikol and 100 Kila

    Keep Male


    Me and my Chiquita.

    She listens to rap, I listen to rap,
    hold on men. (X2)
    He listens to rap and I listen to rap,
    keep male. (x2)
    She listens to rap, I listen to rap,
    hold on men. (x2)
    He listens to rap and I listen to rap,
    hold male, retract your home.

    Close them in a room doors without handles, hold male, hold male
    and you know how I go home, hold male, hold male.
    I will pull it out, and you hold it, hold male, am my own home,
    no frowns will wipe before you start now will end.

    Pranks with you will do and will gum chewing, chewing gum will,
    five seconds and they will misfire and gum chewing, chewing gum will.
    flame will fondle, no frowning, gum you chew,
    beast May lose faith so easily retract it at home.


    Dear muffins with cheap maintenance, your movie is over, hold on carrion,
    fall inhibitions and something to tie with a mojito at the beach bar fried.
    How rotate the same, still hear your belly scraped,
    not keep balashki, hold on men’s keel will end and you will be wiping.

    My gaze burns, quickly end, go home, do my
    papaya, chew gum while you trample.
    Quick Belata will do no inhibitions, hold male,
    something scary once you start dancing, keep male, retract your home.


    He went out for bread ahead of time brother, boom, shalyak-lyak, boom,
    months and already was going to end brother, boom, shalyak -lyak, boom.
    returning with change at home, hold them, boom, shalyak-lyak, boom,
    your head they sprayed the cross will crush, boom, shalyak-lyak, boom. /

    boom, shalyak-lyak, bump me in December, thee is May,
    boom shalyak-lyak, boom, stop tagging persons from the beach in Hawaii.
    boom shalyak-lyak, boom, I’m home, you ma what anybody example,
    boom shalyak-lyak, boom, cat was done for hello, I will say goodbye.