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    Aleksandra and Toni Storaro

    Be You


    You ask me, I want you? I want you to incineration.
    Alexandra! (x4)

    Once you see me somewhere people think their better than I ever,
    I better pretend that I’m alive, and so dismember that I’m with you.
    not even alcohol helps me, this pain lump inside me,
    how could I give to crush me, how could such a fool?

    once you if they injure and second it will degrade,
    once if you say “no”, I could, but I can not.

    Chorus: Yes
    was asked whether I want to go in my life,
    was asked to go out like at least to know why it hurts.
    And today I’m wounded, addicted to you and you blame her,
    even worse accompanied wounding me, but to you. (Yes you.)

    Male hit once by hand woman, was killed instantly in the man himself,
    you 100 times the same, I say, but why in the hands resurrect you?
    your love is a double-edged two, but although his poor, owning me,
    how could I give to crush me, how could such a fool?


    Alexandra! (x2)

    I have not asked, but still swoop, returning to life,
    not wounded and addicted, ordered me love you.